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Craviotto is creative, innovative, and thoughtful.  We don't only build drums, we also play them.  Consequently, we are always engaged in product development projects to make your musical life more productive and fruitful. Here are some unique items handcrafted by the drummers and craftsmen at the Craviotto Drum Company.

Tonal Balance Drum Set
Smaller, compact sizes yield a big, pure tone. Huge range with a small footprint.
2-in-1 Ash/Walnut Drum Set
Our 2-in-1 offerings feature our hybrid bearing edge and center mounted hardware for unparalleled versatility. Flip the drum over, reinsert the legs and spurs, & BINGO! Two kits in one!
2-in-1 Walnut/Ash Drum Set
Here is the Walnut Side up with 45' and BB edges on the Ash half. Nice mix of fat & warm with bright & sustain.
BD / FT Conversion
Make your floor tom a smaller bass drum in seconds!
BD / FT Conversion Close-up
How cool is this?
Metal Shell Timbales
Made from our Solitaire alloy Aluminum with a military grade hard anodized finish for durability.
Craviotto Concert Toms
Nice just for the concert hall. Many artists use these on their kits!
Black Lacquer Cocktail Kit
New take on the old favorite. These sound amazing!
10" & 12" Wood Timbalitos
Small sizes with huge sound & scintillating soul.

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