Completely bespoke and entirely handmade, Craviotto Custom Shop snare drums were created to meet the needs of drummers who were seeking a truly customized, personal sound and feel. Each Craviotto Custom Shop snare drum is made from a single, solid board of hand-selected premium grade hardwood. Along with Johnny’s unique bending process, we cure and hand finish each shell to ensure strength, stability, and unparalleled performance.


Craviotto Custom Shop snare drums are made to your exact specifications. You determine the size, the bearing edges, the inlay options, and the finish. Craviotto’s Custom Shop offerings feature our proprietary lugs, as well as the flawless work- manship that has made Johnny Craviotto a legend among drummers and drum builders.


Craviotto Custom Shop snare drums provide unsurpassed tone, unequaled performance, and offer a one-of-a-kind instrument as original as the artist playing it. 

Craviotto's Custom Shop offers a wide array of wood, color, edge, and hardware options. Get creative and design your sound today!









The standard go-to wood for all around rich tone, solid mid-range projection, and timeless beauty.  







Lush, refined, and mellow, Walnut has a darker tone than Maple. Walnut offers a luxurious look.  







Our brightest tone wood. Cherry has great projection and response. Cherry has a lovely grain that is quite attractive.




~ ASH ~


Similar to Maple with a slightly longer note and a slightly higher pitch. Ash's pronounced grain is instantly recognizable.







Light and airy, Mahogany has a nice warm, whispy sound that transports you back 60 years. Mic friendly, this wood records very well.

Walnut Shell with Baseball Bat Edges
Walnut one-ply, solid shell
with Baseball Bat Bearing Edges

Maple finished in 24K gold. Of course, its the Custom Shop.

No problem.

Custom Lacquers? From solids to sparkles, we can do it.  Choices and options are what make the Custom Shop truly custom.  


L-R: McHugh Blue, Ronnie Red, Surf Blue, Jet Black, TW Yellow, Seafoam Green