Johnny Craviotto: Drummer, Master Craftsman, Innovator
Johnny's contributions to the music industry, as both a working drummer and as a drum manufacturer, are without compare. An infectious groove, impeccable taste, and a signature style, Johnny knew how to create the finest instruments because he played the instrument he was creating. He understood what drummers wanted and needed.
His imagination, pursuit of perfection, and love of music inspired him to handcraft the finest instruments from the finest materials. Johnny use to say..."If it was easy, everyone would be doing it". His dedication and passion are evident in each solid board he bent.
The Craviotto way is Johnny's way - innovative, thoughtful, and made by hand. As a teacher, Johnny nurtured his small team of craftsmen through each and every step of his process - only promoting when he recognized complete mastery. Each step needed to exceed Johnny's high standards. Johnny's hands passed down years of tradition, knowledge, and refinement. Because of this, the Craviotto Drum Company remains in good hands. Johnny's vision and legacy will continue with each one-ply, solid shell drum that sings.
Laying it down
Ronnie and Johnny
Jason McGerr & Johnny
Johnny & Bernie
More wood, more drums
Chris McHugh & Johnny
Jarrod & Johnny
Johnny & Dave

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