HERITAGE Series SNare Drums



Our Heritage Snare Drum pays tribute to master drum builder, founder, and mentor, Johnny Craviotto. 

Why compromise on quality, craftsmanship, and performance? The Heritage Series is the gold standard in Solid Shell snare drums. The Heritage epitomizes Johnny's tenure, craftsmanship, and vision in a snare drum.

Based on the specs found in our award winning Tribute Series of 2017 (shown to the right), the Heritage offers the same craftsmanship and Johnny's "preferred particulars" at an everyday price point.

The 6x14 size is perfect for all applications. Our coveted one-ply, solid shell offers the range to go up or down a few sizes tonally without sacrificing body, tone, and sensitivity.

The Heritage wears our founder's lug with pride and our special 30' Bearing Edges provide a nice retro warmth. 

Finally, we added our new signature red inlay as a tip of the cap to the man and the mentor who made this drum what it is today.