Masters Metal Collaborations

New for 2016!

2016 Masters Bronze: Limited to 100 pieces

Qty 75 - 7x14" & Qty 25 - 5.25x14" 

2007/8 Diamond Series
2009 Masters Copper
2013 Masters Brass
2013 Masters Metal
2014 Black Diamond
~ Past Editions ~

New for 2016 and marking our 6th Collaboration between master drum builders Johnny Craviotto and his metal shell complement, Adrian Kirchler, Craviotto Drum Company is proud to introduce our limited edition Masters Bronze series snare drums.  


Handcrafted from a thin, 1 mm sheet of premium CuSn8, better known as B8 Bronze, these drums sound as exceptional as they look. This ebullient alloy is comprised of 92% copper and 8% tin and is known for its strength, gutsiness, and zealous musical personality. Dense, dry, and distinct, the Masters Bronze have a unique voice bringing a new mystique to the Craviotto arsenal.