Who Is The Craviotto Drum Company?

Who is handcrafting your instrument?


We are committed to handcrafting heirloom quality instrument in the USA, made from the finest materials, using old-world methods that exceed the discerning quality standards put in place by Johnny.  Our craftsmen carry on the tradition of handcrafting drums "Johnny's Way".  


We are drummers, artists, and craftsmen committed to offering the finest drums worthy of the finest stages and studios.


Meet the masters who make Craviotto the top choice for those who seek a superior degree of excellence, craftsmanship, and sound:

~ Saul Rocha ~

Production Coordinator

Saul joined Craviotto in 2003. Saul is our utility guy meaning "Saul does it all." Johnny took Saul under his wing where they worked hand in hand. Mentored by Johnny, Saul does all the crucial skilled steps that make Craviotto drums special. Saul proudly carries on the master craftsman traditions Johnny put forth. Saul is the diamond in our Craviotto operation.

Favorite Wood: Curly Maple

Favorite Food: Seafood

Nickname: Do-it-all Saul

~ David Victor ~

VP - Operations, Sales & Marketing

David joined Craviotto in 2010 as the General Manager. Need to get it done, see Dave. Always managing multiple projects, Dave sources and spearheads most Craviotto initiatives as well as acts as the conduit for dealers and customers. An active drummer, David made his Carnegie Hall debut at 24 . David performs regularly in a variety of settings from symphony and pit orchestras to big bands. 


Favorite Wood: Sitka Spruce

Favorite Food: Macaroni & Cheese

Nickname: Dynamite Dave

~ David Lopez ~

Production & Manufacturing

David is our newbie. Although he's the rookie, he's a fast learner and comes with a killer wood-working background.  David joined Craviotto in 2016 and worked with Johnny just enough to impress him. Johnny was so excited to have David on the team. David keeps climbing the ranks and now rolls, hoops, and does some finishing work.

Favorite Wood: Padauk

Favorite Food: Sushi

Nickname: D-Lo 

~ Eric Gunn~

Quality Control & Assembly

Eric is our veteran. Eric started working with Johnny in 1992. Eric works in assembly and quality control. Eric is the reason we almost never see drums come back. He makes sure they go out right the first time. Eric's hands have handled tens of thousands of solid shells making his knowledge invaluable. When Eric isn't building, he's likely playing gigs or working as a tech at a local studio.

Favorite Wood: Walnut or Mahogany

Favorite Food: Sushi

Nickname: Gunsel

~ Greg Gaylord ~

VP - Production & Manufacturing

Greg is our guru. Need answers...go to Greg. Greg joined Craviotto in 2006, but did contract work for Johnny prior to coming onboard. Prior to Craviotto, Greg founded Drum Solo where he created innovative and elegant Solid and Stave shell drums. We all admire Greg's precision and magic touch. An industry staple, Greg has seen it, studied it, and figured it out making him an irreplaceable asset.

Favorite Wood: Ambrosia Maple

Favorite Food: Wife's cooking

Nickname: GiGi

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