CRAVIOTTO's One-ply, solid shell SNARE DRUMS

From our prestigious Private Reserve collection to our workhorse Solitaire Series snare drums, Craviotto Drum Company is known the world over for handcrafting custom one-ply, solid shell snare drums of impeccable quality and unparalleled beauty. Here are some of our fine offerings.

Private Reserve 


The pinnacle of figure and beauty. Only Master Craftsman Johnny Craviotto can deem a shell Private Reserve worthy.

Heritage Series


The Heritage Series is the gold standard in workhorse one-ply, solid shell snare drums. Our 6x14 solid Maple Heritage embodies Johnny’s craftsmanship, innovation, and musical heritage in a single snare drum.

The Heritage offers superb craftsmanship with Johnny’s “preferred particulars” at an everyday price point.

Stacked Solids


Get creative ~ design that one of a kind snare drum.  Stacked Solids offer a rare opportunity to really dial in that sound you hear in your head.

Custom Shop


If you can concoct it, we can craft it. From our plethora of wood options, to edge choices, to finishes, Craviotto is truly boutique and made here in the USA. 



Industry and drummer praised, our collaborations are something to look forward to and to cherish once possessed. Always unique and handcrafted, these drums continue to appreciate and satisfy.