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Private Reserve

Saul Rocha and his team of artisans are always aspiring to inspire. Craviotto’s esteemed Private Reserve collection represents the pinnacle of our craft.  Whether an astonishing Ambrosia, a whimsical Walnut, or a beautiful Birdseye Maple, Private Reserve drums are truly special, one-of-a-kind instruments. 


Only Saul can deem each masterpiece "Private Reserve worthy".  Saul worked hand-in-hand with Johnny over many years and understands what the Private Reserve line truly represents. Due to our strict specifications, only the rarest and unique boards make the cut.  Craviotto is only able to produce extremely limited quantities each year adding to the Private Reserve’s mystique, collectability, and demand.

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Edited Image 2016-01-18 19-00-41
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