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Our History

Since 2004, Craviotto Drum Company has been handcrafting the world's finest one-ply, solid shell Snare Drums and Drum Sets. Sought after by professional drummers, studios, and collectors for their unparalleled sound, versatility, and dazzling looks, Craviotto has carved a deep niche in the music industry. 

Johnny's contributions to the music industry, as both a working drummer and a drum manufacturer, are without comparison. Johnny was known for his infectious groove, impeccable aesthetic, and larger-than-life persona.
Craviotto Drums are as instantly recognizable as Johnny was.

After Johnny's passing in 2016, Craviotto Drum Company moved to Nashville, TN where we continue to handcraft
one-ply, s
olid shells "Johnny's way". We continue Johnny's relentless pursuit of perfection, his commitment to innovation, and his passion for music and artists that provided the daily inspiration to handcraft the World's finest drums from the finest materials.
Johnny Craviotto polishing a shell.

Johnny Craviotto

Founder, Craviotto Drum Co.

1946 - 2016

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The Evolution of Craviotto


Solid / Select

1985 - 1990


DW Craviotto

1993 - 2003

TT 2_edited.jpg

Craviotto Drum Co.

2002 - 2004

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Craviotto Drum Co.

Custom Shop

2004 - present

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Craviotto Drum Co.

Private Reserve

2015 - present

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Craviotto Drum Co.

Diamond Drums

2021 - 2022

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