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Craviotto's family of "Artist Ambassadors" are a big part of Craviotto's outreach mission. These accomplished working pros are committed to playing their Craviottos anytime, anyplace, anywhere. They rely on Craviotto solid shell drums to express their musical personality. They preach the solid shell gospel, continually delight front of house sound people wherever they play, are always the envy of drummers sharing the bill, and they deliver a huge impact for the Craviotto brand. We LOVE our Artist Ambassadors!
Interested in joining the ranks? Reach out and let us know!


Tim Reidy

Tim Reidy Two Beer Tommy Chicago, Illinois

Kevin Hernandez

Kevin Hernandez Studio / Freelance San Antonio, Texas

Joe DeRenzo

Joe DeRenzo Drummer/Actor/Clinician

Dr. Eric Binder

Dr. Eric Binder Drummer / Author / Educator Chicago, Illinois

Joel Spencer

Joel Spencer University of Illinois

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