Welcome to Craviotto Drums

Our website is dedicated to educating drummers and musicians about our handcrafted one-ply, solid shell Snare Drums and Drum Sets. Since 2004, Craviotto Drum Company has paved the way in offering custom built, handcrafted one-ply, solid shell drums.  Our aim is to explain how solid shells perform differently from ply shell drums. Craviotto Drum Company builds concepts.  We want to share these creations with you. We also want to promote our family of artists, and our family of dealers where you can purchase one for yourself.


Each custom drum we make is handcrafted by our small group of artist craftsmen in California. We don't source our shells like other manufacturers.  We get our hands dirty. We start from scratch and see the process through all the way here in the USA. No shortcuts are taken, no compromises made.


Our process starts when we send our craftsmen to the source. Johnny and our team literally pick through millions of boardfeet of wood determing which boards are good enough to bear the Craviotto name. And that's just the starting point.  


From there, each drum goes through Johnny's proprietary process, and passes through the six most talented sets of hands in the drum building business. Each shell wears Johnny's fingerprints, sweat, and final signature of approval with pride.  Not every board makes it, only the best get Johnny's signature.


Every Craviotto drum is a one-of-a-kind, work of art.  While others say their drums are like a Craviotto, only Craviotto drums bear our name and Johnny's signature. Get the original, get the best, get a Craviotto.  


"This website is to provide my customers, artists, and fans with information about my handcrafted, steam-bent, solid shell snare drums and drum sets. In my 'News' section, up-to-the-minute information on my products is posted regularly, and we encourage you to check back with us often. Thanks for visiting today, and thank you for your interest in the Craviotto Drum Company." – Johnny C.