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Hoops For The Future Inspired By The Past


Introducing Craviotto proprietary snare and tom rims


We are pleased to announce that our new proprietary snare drum and tom rims are now available. These rims harken back to the fine vintage rims of the past but with modern updates. Our rim is a double flange style with a 2.8 mm thickness. The thicker rim eliminates the “stick chopper” effect commonly associated with the thinner 50s rims, yet produces a very pronounced rim shot and a fat “cross stick”.


When designing this rim, we also wanted a more graceful look. On common rims today, there is a long flat spot at the top of the rim where the top of the tension rod sits. Our rim provides a more elegant look that is reminiscent of the finest vintage rims of the past.


These rims will be standard equipment on all Craviotto snare drums and toms, and they are a perfect complement to the superb quality solid shells that Johnny created. Of course, triple flange rims and die-cast rims can be ordered as an option


Steve Maxwell Jr. Joining As Head Of Dealer Relations

Greetings from Steve Maxwell Jr. I am very pleased to announce that I will be assuming the role of Head of Dealer Relations here at the Craviotto drum Co. I have worked closely with both my father and Craviotto for many years and am very happy to now be involved directly with our wonderful and dedicated group of dealers. 


Your support has been superb over the years, and we’re excited about all of the plans we have as we embark on the third decade of Johnny’s legacy. We all have great respect for the Craviotto craftsmen and the way they are continuing Johnny's legacy manufacturing the finest single ply drums in the world. 

I am located in IL at the Maxwell shop. Reach me anytime on my dedicated Craviotto work cell: 1-630-450-3465 or email me at I will respond promptly and will regularly be on site in Nashville to stay connected with our fantastic team there. I will be working with all of you closely making sure the highest possible quality standards are met. We will also be embarking on a social media campaign to get the word out to the public so everyone knows all of the cool new stuff happening over at the Craviotto factory. There is a great demand for Johnny’s drums and I look forward to working with all of you to achieve great things for the future of our businesses.  Stay tuned for more! 

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I look forward to hearing from everyone, feel free to contact me anytime!


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