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Craviotto Product Videos

The best way to experience any product is in person. Seeing, hearing, and feeling cannot be duplicated when selecting a personal musical instrument. However, videos give us a great starting point. Enjoy some of our product videos.

The much awaited video featuring our newest bearing edge, the Hybrid edge. Check out artist Chad Cromwell play this edge at Addiction Studios in Nashville. The response, tone, and range in our Hybrid Edge is truly a game changer.

Much has happened in the last 15 years. In that time, Craviotto went from 1 to 1000. Steve Maxwell takes us on journey from Kit #1 made in 2006 to Kit #1000 made from Lake Superior Timeless Timber. Enjoy!

Join Craviotto VP, David Victor, and DRUM! Magazine on brief history of Craviotto and the products they offer. 

Ever wonder how different wood species sound? This great tutorial provides key differences and playing examples to help you decide what sound works best for you. 

Find yourself wanting old and new? We understand. New from your solid shell specialists, our Hybrid edge for 2022. Developed by veteran Master Craftsman, Saul Rocha, this edge combines the best of both worlds in one edge!

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