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Options are good.  Craviotto handcrafts each drum to our customer's and dealers exact order specifications. That means you pick the wood, the bearing edge, the inlay, and the finish. From lacquers to satin oil, we offer customizable options to get you the look and sound you are after.  We want you to be happy and love your drums!

Let our professional drummers help you dial in the sound you're after.


Maple is the standard tone wood for Craviotto. It was Johnny's favorite species and can do it all. 

You'll love the rich tone, mid-range projection, and timeless beauty.  



Dark, bold, and recognizable, Walnut offers a smooth and

refined tone. Walnut is definitely the darkest tone wood we offer and its luxurious look is truly spectacular.  



Our brightest tone wood, Cherry has great projection and an articulate response. Cherry has a lovely grain that is quite attractive. Cherry darkens in appearance as it ages.




Ash is similar to Maple with a slightly longer note and a slightly higher fundamental pitch. Ash's pronounced grain is instantly recognizable. Ash records exceptionally well.



A staff favorite, Mahogany is light and airy sounding. Mahogany has a distinct warmth and a "whispy" mellow tone that transports you back 60 years. A must for the drummer seeking vintage tones in a new drum. 

Bearing Edge Options

New for 2022! The Hybrid Bearing Edge

This innovative edge combines contemporary and classic concepts and creates a sound, response, and feel that maximizes the warmth of our solid shells.

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