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Handcrafted in the USA by the finest artisan craftsmen, Craviotto's one-ply solid shell drums have become the industry standard for heirloom quality custom drums. Made using Johnny Craviotto's iconic recipe to his strict quality standards, Craviotto Solid Shell Drums continue to grace the world's finest stages and studios. 


Craviotto will be displaying at the following Drum Shows:

- Chicago Vintage Drum Shop May  20 and 21 featuring 3 Craviotto artists: Les DeMerle, Eric Binder, and Joe DeRenzo

- Music City Drum Shop July 29th and 30th

Artists currently on tour:
- Ronnie Vannucci & The Killers

- Jake Sommers & Luke Combs

- Griffin Goldsmith & Dawes

And speaking of Griff, check out this rig rundown from one of their latest shows at the Ryman in Nashville:


May 19th, 2023

Chicago Show ~ one more day!!

SO much fun at the Chicago Drum Show. Thanks to all, near and far, who came out to support Craviotto. We sold some really great drums and took orders for some down the line.

It was great seeing so many friends, old and new faces, members of Craviotto's "one-ply nation", artists, and industry friends. Dynamic Les DeMerle, Joe DeRenzo, and Eric Binder had us well represented. I love talking with Gerry Brown, Adam Nussbaum, and all things Broadway with NY veteran Warren Odze. Lots of fun!




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